How to Get SEO Clients in 2019

How to Get SEO Clients in 2019

Introduction Websites and SEO Advisers speak of getting new clients through referrals from past satisfied customers. This is a great method for obtaining new clients, especially for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects. However, it would take a steady number of continuous, personal referrals to keep your business growing. If the referral stream stops, you’ll find […]

What percentage of ideas submitted to venture capitalists are rubbish?

Q & A with Venture Capitalists - StartupStorey

Introduction In this article, we asked several venture capitals this intriguing question – what percentage of ideas submitted to Venture Capitalists are rubbish? Who else is in a much better position than the ones who vet these ideas everyday! Andrew, VC, Silicon Valley No way to really know, of course, you’ll be stuck with anecdotal […]

What is the best advice for struggling entrepreneurs?

Advice for Struggling Entrepreneurs - StartupStorey

We previously wrote an article on advice that you would give to First-time Startup Founders and decided to follow up with the best advice for entrepreneurs who are struggling right now.   Scott, Startup Mentor – Struggling is part of the process of becoming successful. The struggle is part of entrepreneurship.  It should be a […]