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Here at StartupStorey, we write about how you can start a startup, from learning how to build a startup from scratch to hearing success stories of startups. We often derive the key entrepreneurial lessons from each story to save your time in looking for information. 

You’ll learn about: 

  1. Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Startup – The Strawberry Startup Method
  2. How to Get SEO Clients Easily with No Cold Calling Needed

and many more!


We believe that Entrepreneurship can be for Everyone 

People tend to gravitate towards Freud’s “Pleasure Pain principle” which states that humans are likely to move towards activities that give them instant gratification (pleasure) and move away from painful events and activities (including entrepreneurship).

This often applies to their outlook on life, their goals in life and their purpose of work. It’s not uncommon to find that most people are conditioned to believe that going to college would guarantee them a well-paying job, a stable role with increasing benefits over time.

Naturally to them, starting their own business seems to be out of the question as it’s something that they’re not being taught to do in college, even if they went to business school. This is something that the Covid pandemic has shown not to be true – entrepreneurship is important to bring money to the table – and something our team here at StartupStorey seeks to debunk.

It’s true that starting your own startup, and indulging in entrepreneurship, is demanding but nothing in life comes easy, especially when you’re chasing financial freedom. If it was that easy to seek, everyone would have achieved it by now. 

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But Entrepreneurship is for the go-getters: How badly do you want it? 

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders dropped by 85% after participating in a summer business camp. 

That means if you’re reading this, you belong to the 15% who believe that you can build your own startup. Remember, it’s easy to start a business – what’s more important is if this is something you’re passionate about (long-term survival of startup) and whether this will be profitable in the long-term (customer acquisition and startup management). 

The beauty of having your own startup is that you (and your co-founders) have the ownership of every decision made, often answerable to no one but yourself, your employees, your clients and sometimes investors. 

That’s what entrepreneurship is all about – freedom of choice on top of financial freedom!

There’s also the technical side of things where we recommend looking at Ruby on Rails for startup development as this programming framework is the most startup-friendly among other languages. 

However, talking about startups creation, the process of building your own startup is not as difficult as you may think. If writing code is not your thing, it’s best that you seek a technical founder in your area through events, meetups and networking sessions. 


It’s not difficult to start your own business and reach financial freedom 

We’re not talking about multi-level marketing schemes, Ponzi schemes or insurance roles – we just don’t do that here in StartupStorey. What we want you to learn is that earning money is not as difficult as you think it is.

Ever heard of the saying, if you think of money as the solution, it becomes the problem. Here’s what we think: Money isn’t the problem but is the solution to opening your mind and attention to focusing on your passion and chasing your dreams. 

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