What percentage of ideas submitted to venture capitalists are rubbish?

Q & A with Venture Capitalists - StartupStorey

Introduction In this article, we asked several venture capitals this intriguing question – what percentage of ideas submitted to Venture Capitalists are rubbish? Who else is in a much better position than the ones who vet these ideas everyday! Andrew, VC, Silicon Valley No way to really know, of course, you’ll be stuck with anecdotal […]

Famous Startups that Failed Despite Millions in Funding

Famous Startups that Failed Despite Millions in Funding

In this article, we examine startups that were previously very popular, but ultimately failed to live up to the hype. These startups can be used to examine reasons for startup failure, that we at Startup Storey hope will be useful in your entrepreneurial journey.   Segway Segway remains the canonical example, and I think offers […]

Basics of Corporate Communications

Basics of Corporate Communications - Startup Storey Entrepreneurship Guide

What is the practice of corporate communications all about? Quite simply, communicating on behalf of the corporation.   There’s a lot that actually means, including really understanding the company, its goals, its issues, its people, its industry and more.  And if you’re working from within the company, also the internal stakeholders and their needs/wants.   […]