3 Online bookstores where you can find The Strawberry Startup

“The Strawberry Startup” is a delightful and informative read on how to build your own startup and definitely a must-read if you want a crash course on how to build a startup from scratch.

The much acclaimed ebook has since been generating modest sales on popular online bookstores such as Amazon, Apple StoreBarnes & Noble, Inktera and Kobo

“Make sure to read the chapter about raising money—it’s gold.” 

Some readers have left their thoughts on theAmazon page, as well as on the Goodreads community page. We would like to hear what you think of this book as well!

If you do not have an e-reader, we have written a post on how you can read ebooks without an e-reader. This can be done by reading on your laptop, phone, tablet or any other device. This is especially useful while traveling on the go.

We have also written what The Strawberry Startup is all about combined with what readers are saying about the book.

Who this book is for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to alleviate fears or worries that you are likely to face in the early stages of starting a business
  • Entrepreneurs who already have their own startups, or small businesses and are looking to expand their business

Learning to educate yourself and learn from people who have come before you is powerful When it comes to building a successful business, knowledge is power.

The Strawberry Startup is a great book to read when you are feeling like things are moving too slowly or taking too long in your company, or when you are itching to be your own boss, reinvent the way you’re living and accomplish something of your own.

The respective links to the region you’re situated in for Amazon can be found below:

  1. Amazon  This depends on which region you are situated in.
    • Amazon (United States)
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    • Amazon (Australia)
    • Amazon (India & Singapore)
    • Amazon (Canada)
    • Amazon (Germany)
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    • Amazon (Netherlands)
    • Amazon (Mexico)

You can also purchase the book from the following online bookstores:

Other books for Startup Founders that make Strawberry Startup a great, complementary read

Here is a list of books I would build for anyone looking to build a strong business foundation.

Note: these are not the BEST books, or the most mind-expanding books. But these are books for someone who wants to improve their lot in life.

MASTERY. Read all of Robert Greene’s books.

Particularly, “Mastery”, “The 48 Laws of Power”, and “War”.

Robert Greene does years of research on each book. He studies the psychological nuances of almost every act of victory and failure in the history of the human race. He pieces together not just the event but the underlying psychology.

As an aside, if you are truly fascinated with the study of peak performance, read “Peak” by Anders Ericsson, who is the original scientist behind the phrase, “The 10,000 hour rule”.

Read these books and think about them. I’ve read them all three or four times.

The E-Myth Revisited 

A handbook for anyone that’s good at what they do, and wants to, or accidently already has, started a business doing it.  I go back to the concepts learned in this book regularly, even after two companies spanning 13 years.

The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses 

The bible on how to build anything from a product to a company,  starting with a prototype of just the core concept, and testing and iterating from there. 

It’s helped us build products faster, helped our company test ideas and see 50% to 100% annual growth for years at a time, and helped startups we work with launch successful products and businesses.

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In 

Whether we’re hiring a new vendor, taking on a new client, or evaluating employee salaries, entrepreneurs are negotiating deals constantly. 

This book has guided me through thousands of negotiations over the last 10 years and fundamentally changed the way I approach the bargaining table.

To get a detailed insight into a curated list of books for entrepreneurs, check out our article – 20 Books that Every Startup Founder needs to Read.

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