What really makes you happy at work?

What really makes you happy at work - StartupStorey.com

According to Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski, an organizational psychologist and professor of business at New York University, there are three approaches towards work you can take. You can treat your work as a job, career or calling. The workers with the “calling” approach are happier and more satisfied with their life and work. Interestingly, Wrzesniewski’s research […]

Why does a startup need a product manager if it has an UX team?

Why does a startup need a product manager if it has an UX team - StartupStorey.com

UX folks typically focus on ways to make products/services EASIER TO USE: for instance through better workflows, consistent images or analogies, stepwise value analysis, follow-them-home studies, etc.   If that were the ONLY ingredients in successful products, then we wouldn’t need product managers.  And perhaps we wouldn’t need engineers.   Product managers should be thinking […]

Basics of Corporate Communications

Basics of Corporate Communications - Startup Storey Entrepreneurship Guide

What is the practice of corporate communications all about? Quite simply, communicating on behalf of the corporation.   There’s a lot that actually means, including really understanding the company, its goals, its issues, its people, its industry and more.  And if you’re working from within the company, also the internal stakeholders and their needs/wants.   […]

Human Resources Management for Your Startup

Human Resources Management for Your Startup - Startup Storey Entrepreneur Guide

Human resource management refers to managing all the activities required from hiring an employee to his retirement formalities and the process during his service. This process is very challenging for an HR and thus it can be prone to errors, loss of data. This article covers the following: Human Resource Management as a Strategic Function […]