How to Have a Great First Date & Get Her to Chase You

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Men and women have far more options than before, with the proliferation of dating apps in today’s digital age. We teach you why you should abandon the 3-day texting rule, the factors that make a great first date, what to do after the first date and how to get a second date and get the girl. 

When a girl is single and is dating you, it’s likely that she’s also dating other guys. Hence, it’s important to let her know that you’re into her, especially after the first date.  

Make sure that you’ve a great first date and do a follow up. Never leave a date without setting up a second date, and making it clear that you want to see her again. Make this crystal clear. Some dating gurus give the advice of trying to kiss her after the first date, but this can come as shocking in certain cultures. 


3 Factors That Make a Great Date 

On a date, there are 3 factors that make the woman to see you again:

Attraction – are they romantically attracted to you?

Fun – did they laugh and enjoy the date?

The key to having fun is to have a first date that they’ve not done before – bowling, go-karting, escape room, rock climbing  beats a trip to the movie. 

Comfort level  – did they feel like they can trust you and was there rapport? 


If a girl is nervous on dates, then she probably wants things to go well, and is concerned whether she’s making a good impression.

If a girl is constantly checking her phone during the date, then you’re probably wasting your time because she’s probably not much into you. Not giving you her undivided attention, and texting other people on a date with you, is a strong sign that it’s time for you to move on. 

If the date doesn’t work out, you might gain a friend where learning how to make friends as an adult and keep them is somewhat similar.


How to Get a Girl to Chase You 

Put her in the friendzone, especially if she’s a pretty girl because every dude that she knows almost wants to get into her pants and bring her out on dates. 

If you can resist the urge of telling her how pretty she is and become awkward, then you’ve won half the battle. Treat her like a dude and see how crazy she responds. 

Ask her to tell you about her friend, especially someone who doesn’t really get all the attention. She will go crazy wrapping her head around, trying to understand why you, as a heterosexual male, would like someone. 

Reinvent yourself physically. Change your clothes, switch your hairstyles, start putting down cologne and earrings and whatever that channels your inner bad boy. 

Take care of your body, and have great skin. Physical attraction is important and achievable even if you’re not considered handsome or cute by society standards.

Instead, learning how to dress well and groom yourself well builds attraction in women.Glowing skin attracts women not only because women tend to want to look young, it shows that you, as a man, are able to take care of yourself. 

Humans cling onto comfort and prefer to ease into a routine that’s deemed as conventional by most society’s standards – finding a partner, getting married and settling down to have a family and kids. 


What to Text After a First Date 

Text her if you want to see her again. Let her be comfortable to reach out to you and let her text you. 

I definitely want to see you again. When are you free to meet again?


When to Text After the First Date 

Have you heard of the 3-day rule of waiting for 3 days before sending her a text? The principles behind this are all about “scarcity” (playing hard to get increases attraction sometimes), “I don’t want to give it away” and “I don’t want to seem desperate”. 

“I’m trying to figure out if I like them”  and “I’m not planning to rush through things” are the more logical reasons behind this 3-day rule of waiting to text after the first date. Fear of the unknown, and fear of being rejected tend to be the driving emotions behind waiting for a while before texting the girl again. 

No, this 3-day texting rule doesn’t work anymore. She’s likely to have forgotten about you or got the signal that you’re not interested in her if she did not hear from you. 

If you like the person, by all means, go out and see her again. Instead of making this a 3-day texting rule, make this a 3-hour rule instead. 

You’ve everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you get rejection, then it becomes a great filter that this person is just not the right one for you. Don’t waste any more time trying to find a partner who’s just not into you. 


I don’t feel any spark after the first date. Should I see him or her again?

Feeling a little uncertain after seeing someone for the first time? This comes from having a scarcity mindset, where people tend to follow a checklist of traits that they look for (this person has a good job, great qualifications etc). 

If you don’t feel the initial spark, it’s almost the same question as asking yourself, are you settling for less? Are you willing to compromise your own standards when looking for the right partner, or getting into a relationship? 

The motivation behind such a question is usually our hope for chemistry and real attraction, hence the follow-up question is, do you think you’ll have chemistry with this person? Do you see yourself being with this person for a lifetime? 

Spread your wings and meet more people, not just for dates, but also to build friendships as well. 

Life is short when you’re enjoying it. Life is long when you’re unhappy. Be sure to be with the right person. 

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