How to Make Money from Travelling

How to Make Money from Travelling -

Everyone wants to travel and have fun, but sometimes it empties our bank accounts which eventually result in “breaking our heart” and we end up feeling “OMG”.

However, now consider a situation, when your travelling experience can actually help you to earn money rather than spending?

There are many ways to make money as a traveler.


Create a Travel Blog

There are plenty of ways to make money with a travel blog. It mostly depends on what type of travel site and resource you are going to create, while also providing value to your audience.

Try to pick a niche, and focus on serving up awesome content to your audience. If you are too broad you will have a hard time standing out.

Look at what some of the big travel bloggers are doing well, and what comments and questions people are leaving on their websites.

Use these to identify potential areas that aren’t being addressed, and work out a unique angle. It’s also worth checking out the big travel influencers on Instagram – these users can give you an idea of what works with visual content.

Travel blogs can cover all sorts of topics, from traveling with a family on a budget to frequent flyer points hacking.

You will need a domain name (around $9/year) and a web hosting account ($5/month). Then you will setup a WordPress site on your hosting account. For hosting, we recommend using Siteground given their robust support ticket system that includes live chat.  

Don’t try to compete with the big players who are already authorities in their field, focus on providing new or better information that helps them solve their problems.

Also consider your own travel experiences – is there anything of note that would be useful to others?


Create Content – Videos, Photographs, Blogs

Document your experiences and create saleable content, documentary movies, award winning photos, travel advice blogs etc.

All of these can be easily monetized, either through outright sales, or through advertising revenues online.


Travel Blogging Income is rarely JUST from a travel blog.

It’s from other products that a travel blogger might develop, or sponsored trips, or freelance writing assignments they may take on.

A travel blog is a fabulous platform and portfolio for the budding writer to do a variety of things with.


Building up a travel blogging income takes time.

It’s far from an instant income. A reader once asked us if she could use a travel blog to fund her upcoming trip; she hadn’t started a blog yet, and her trip was in a month. We had to dole out some harsh realism in response.

A blog is a business like any other. It takes time to develop an income, and you need to treat it seriously if you want to make money from it.

Once you have traffic on your website and especially if you have a travel blog, you can make money by selling travel products. Now, you cannot source products to sell, so the best way to make money is to affiliate with a travel product provider. This is called Affiliate Marketing.


Consider Earning from Affiliate Marketing Channels

If you are going to provide tutorials, guides or references to your audience, affiliate marketing might be a great place to start.

Most travel writers do not last a terribly long time as they find it difficult to balance travel, money, and focus on the job. It can be done but it takes someone with incredible focus, dedication, organization, and the ability to work long hours.


How else to earn money while traveling?

You can work from hostel to hostel so you don’t spend money on shelter. While you do that, you can also get a side job at a restaurant or any place that has a high turnover. This is a very good way to network and meet other travelers, and based on experience probably the best way to go if you don’t have good skills to work remotely.


Learn Digital Marketing Skills

Digital work is another popular trend, but as mentioned earlier you have to have the skills that are on demand and there is a lot of competition.

It is a market that is saturated since anyone with a computer can do it. However, if you build a good reputation and work hard you will never have to worry about work.

Get hired by a company that allows you to work remotely. This is a great option if you manage to pull it off. Most companies are still not happy to let workers do remote work especially in other countries. But it is doable if you get it with a progressive company.

There are options, you just have to be very lucky and persistent.


Freelance Website Building

In the process of building my blog over the 2 months before my travels I taught myself how to build websites.

That simple skill has been my second biggest source of income. In the first 3 months of my travels I had built websites for Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants, Hostels and also quite a variety of blogs for other people.

Many travelers I have met on my journeys have turned into clients.

None of the people who hire me care about the degree I have or in my case, the lack of. It’s all about value!

If you are better at something that someone else studied years for, I would hire you over him irrespective of the degree you hold!

To set up a website, you will need a domain name (around $9/year) and a web hosting account ($5/month). Then you will setup a WordPress site on your hosting account. For hosting, we recommend using Siteground given their robust support ticket system that includes live chat.  

Web Hosting

Get Paid to Travel (and no, we are not talking about MLM Schemes)

You find a job or business that supports you traveling and allows you to make money in the process.

Typical travel jobs:

  1. Airline stewardess
  2. Pilot
  3. Travel agent

You can be your own travel agent, but consider that cost of starting one and the certifications you will need.

The other is join up with a company that allows you to own your own business for way less the cost of starting a traditional business, with world class training.


Earn Money Busking Around the World

First you should learn to play an instrument. When I traveled around the world I learned to play guitar first.

When you get to California find a busy street corner, mall area, or pedestrian walkway with plenty of room where it is legal to perform.

Make sure it is in a nice area. Dress well, and make sure you are clean. Open your guitar, violin, or other instrumental case. Play and sing for about 6 hours per day.

You’ll make plenty of money. Have a great trip!


There are other benefits to be reaped while traveling!

You get a much richer depth of experience that truly allows you to take a part of that travel and experience with you for the rest of your life.


Friendships – You meet and understand different perspectives.

I believe that the friendships that you develop with people over the time that you live in a country are the kind you make for life and thus enrich your life a lot more.


Career – Working in a foreign country opens your eyes to different corporate cultures.

In addition to the travel benefits, you can actually progress your career development much faster.

Working in different countries allows you to gain experience in different ways of working. It also gives you experience of working with different cultures which has the potential to benefit your career long term.

Web Hosting

Here are some jobs that anyone can do:

Teaching English abroad

Arrive into a city/town. Find out who all of the agencies are. Go and talk to them (espec. if you’re a native speaker). You’ll find work

Freelancing as an English teacher

Same gig as above but getting private clients via local classified ads sites. Approaching language schools. Via the hostels


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