12 Ways to Create a Happy Workplace Culture

Create a Happy Workplace Culture - StartupStorey.com

A happy workplace culture improves teamwork, raises employees’ morale, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances retention of talent. Doug Conant once said, “To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.” By believing and constantly implementing/sharing this mantra, he was able to turn things around for his company. According to research an average person […]

Why does a startup need a product manager if it has an UX team?

Why does a startup need a product manager if it has an UX team - StartupStorey.com

Why do we need a Product Manager? Are Product Managers overrated in today’s context? UX folks typically focus on ways to make products or services that are EASIER TO USE – for instance – through better workflows, consistent images or analogies, stepwise value analysis, follow-them-home studies, etc.   If that were the ONLY ingredients in […]

Basics of Corporate Communications

Basics of Corporate Communications - Startup Storey Entrepreneurship Guide

What is the practice of corporate communications all about? Quite simply, communicating on behalf of the corporation.   There’s a lot that actually means, including really understanding the company, its goals, its issues, its people, its industry and more.  And if you’re working from within the company, also the internal stakeholders and their needs/wants.   […]