Best Responses to “Sell me this pen” In Interviews

Best Responses to “Sell me this pen” In Interviews - StartupStorey

Anyone who has seen Martin Scorsese’s – “The Wolf of Wall Street”, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as the infamous stock-broker and salesman, Jordan Belfort, contains a classic “Sell me this pen” sales lesson scenario. In the movie, DiCaprio’s Belfort teaches his sales team their first lesson by pulling out a pen and saying, “sell me this […]

Basics of Corporate Communications

Basics of Corporate Communications - Startup Storey Entrepreneurship Guide

What is the practice of corporate communications all about? Quite simply, communicating on behalf of the corporation.   There’s a lot that actually means, including really understanding the company, its goals, its issues, its people, its industry and more.  And if you’re working from within the company, also the internal stakeholders and their needs/wants.   […]