What percentage of ideas submitted to venture capitalists are rubbish?

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Introduction In this article, we asked several venture capitals this intriguing question – what percentage of ideas submitted to Venture Capitalists are rubbish? Who else is in a much better position than the ones who vet these ideas everyday! Andrew, VC, Silicon Valley No way to really know, of course, you’ll be stuck with anecdotal […]

10 Business Lessons to Learn from the Beatles

Business Lessons to Learn from the Beatles - StartupStorey Entrepreneurship Guide

The Beatles were successful because of several reasons and we pick out the business lessons to learn from their wildly successful experiences. I’d recommend reading Larry Lange’s “The Beatles Way: Fab Wisdom for Everyday Life“ – a pretty interesting, light, non-preachy book on the subject. I don’t have the book with me, but some takeaway […]

What essential skills do startups look for and what skills do founders generally lack?

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Startup founders may lack essential skills in certain areas of operating their startup, which is why it’s also important to note the skills startups look for to complement the startup founders’ “weaknesses”. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills At least in the tech startup community, most presentations by senior executives are appallingly awful. Even if the […]