10 Presents to Get for Your (Female) Boss This Christmas

What to Get for Your (Female) Boss this Christmas - StartupStorey Entrepreneur Guide

Whether it’s for their birthday, a career milestone, or Christmas, buying presents for your boss can be challenging. This article was written in response to the popularity of our previous article – What to Get for Your (Guy) Boss this Christmas.

You want to show your appreciation for their leadership, but you don’t want to come across as a suck-up (especially in the eyes of your co-workers).

It’s always best to stick to gifts that don’t convey the wrong image or idea, so, useful and practical items are ideal.

In that regard, gift shopping for a female boss isn’t much different than it would be for a male boss. Buying presents for your boss is not a difficult process – as long as you hit the right note.

Quirky coffee (or tea) mugs, calendars with inspirational quotes, and decorative paperweights make good choices.

What to Get for Your (Female) Boss this Christmas - StartupStorey Entrepreneur Guide

Pool Money with Your Colleagues 

You (and your colleagues) could also chip in together and show how much you genuinely care for your boss by purchasing a fully customized gift that captures your boss’s persona.

Does she wear glasses or always have her nose in a book?

Maybe she wears the same Hawaiian costume every Halloween? These are the features of her personality that can be used to customize a unique gift she’ll be sure to adore.

If you’re looking for something really unique and inexpensive that you can gift to your family and friends, choose your favorite picture with the closest people in your life

Transform that picture into a wooden jigsaw puzzle, that can also serve a really creative fridge magnets.

Should you really buy that gift for your boss?

The operative word here is ‘boss’. You need to be aware that some gifts may be thought inappropriate to give to your boss.

These are gifts which have any ‘connotation’. Clearly, you need to go for something relatively neutral.

Should I buy presents for my boss?

Well, does the company you work in have a Christmas gift exchange rules or practices? Is it accepted for employees to exchange gifts?

Has your manager or colleagues given you any presents in the previous years?

The answer to these questions will give you a clue as to whether it’s part of company culture, but generally speaking, it is always nice to make a little thoughtful present for the people you work with.

A little gesture to making your boss and colleagues happy may go a long way when deciding your salary and career prospects. So make sure to give a thought when looking for presents for your boss.

#1 Nice Candles

“What can I say? I purchased this candle as a Christmas gift for my grandmother, and it was a hit. This candle smelled great, and the label was a source of great laughter.

Hearing a usually proper, elder lady say “Smell My Nuts” had the whole family in tears. It lasted for a quite a long time, despite being lit almost constantly. It gives off a strong scent without being overpowering, and the layered coloring and charming mason jar container makes it a cozy center piece for small coffee tables.

I will definitely be trying other scents!” 

– Review from Amazon

#2 Photo Frames

Photo frames make universally-accepted presents for your boss – no matter the gender.

“According to some folks, the supplier changed from sawtooth hangers to wire hangers somewhere along the way, and they aren’t happy about it.

However, I purposely purchased these because they come with wire, rather than cheap sawtooth hangers found everywhere else.

I consider this an upgrade. You cannot purchase wire hanging frames of this quality at this price point anywhere that I have found.

As a professional photographer needing good quality, glass front, wire hung frames for certain presentations, these are fantastic.

The clips slip over the backer board, and you slide them to whatever height you find appropriate (usually a few inches down from the top).

Run the wire through one clip with an inch or two of excess and twist like a bread bag tie to secure. Run over to the other clip and cut the wire to appropriate length, again with a bit extra for twisting. That’s it!

The clips sometimes are a tad loose and might slide on the backer, so just give them a squeeze before applying. This is something I do by default as a matter of safety anyway. “Trust no one”.

I give these 5 stars. I considered docking a half star because the wire is more like green floral wire – it’s quite stiff and a bit difficult to work with. It’s not a true, flexible, braided picture wire. But again at this price point and quality I’m not going to quibble.”

– Review from Amazon

#3 A Nice Leather Desk Diary

If your supervisor belongs to the older generation, then why not go a little old-school when hunting for presents for your boss?

“I’ve been writing in this little journal for three years now and already bought a second one just to make sure I can continue this wonderful habit into a new volume. Some tips:

– Since this little book will be with you for a LONG time, buy or make a little protective sleeve to slip it into when you’re not writing. I whipped one up as a sewing project and it has kept all the gold writing on the outside looking like new. If you’re really tricky, you can also attach pen pockets on the outside so you always have a pen with you for journaling.

– Alternate pen color from year to year. Makes the entries really stand out from each other when you’re going back down memory lane.

– Tuck a $5 or $20 bill in between pages at your birthday / other special day. When you come back to that date next year, you’ll have a nice surprise from your past self! 🙂

The quality of this journal is excellent – the creators obviously put some thought into how much use it would be getting. I’m especially pleased with the paper – I tend to press really hard when I’m writing but the ink doesn’t show through on the other side at all. Highly recommended! Get a few, as you’ll probably want to give some away.”

– Review from Amazon

#4 Handcrafted Chocolates

“I am not a nutritionist, so not going to give you my view on the nutrition of the bars. See the ingredients photo attached for details!

What I am sharing my opinion on are they real key factors. How it feels, how it chews, how it taste, how it sits in the stomach and how it poops out. For the record, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best score, I rate me a 1 when it comes to desire to eat healthy and an 8 at actually eating healthy. In fact, right now I am thinking cheesecake and not a healthy snack bar.


When it comes to the packaging, I find the package is easy to open, even after sitting in my back pocket before a 10 mile run. The bar is always cleanly in the packaging, not sticking too much too it. I have never had a struggle or frustration taking the food out of the package, an experience you always have with sugar daddy’s (of course, my pre-healthy days only).

The package is sealed well and keeps the food tasting fresh.


I like the texture. Once placed in the mouth, the heavens open up, doves flew out and WAM. Okay, maybe that does not happen, but the texture of the food is solid. It is not too hard or too chewy. When you’re done eating, the food is not crammed between teeth cracks or sticking to the top of the mouth.

TASTE – Score 10

Awesome. Perfect flavor. Not too sweet.


Good. Repeat and it works great.


Simply awesome. My stomach when it comes to sensitivity is extremely high. If I eat items with too much sugar, my stomach turns. The bars sat well. They do not sit heavy and they digest well. I never have an issue where gas is leaking out of me (or at least where I can blame it on the bars), so my digestive system pushes it a long well. I am sensitive to gluten, but still no issues.


This part ended quick, fast and smooth. One big splash finished nature’s course and it was a blessing since lactose issues are normal for me.


Wife and Kids love them. Wife loves them because they are easy to store and pull when needed!


Great product, great flavor. If you are on the fence, try them, you will be impressed.

Let me know if the review was helpful!

– Review from Amazon

#5 Parlor Ice-Cream Making Kit

For the new-age manager – do consider this as part of your Christmas list of presents for your boss!

“So I made my first bowl of ice cream 2 days ago. I was using the mint recipe that is included in the manual. I was skeptical of the reviews because others were having issues with the freezing. The the first bowl I made was slush.

I had put my bowl in the freezer overnight but I wrapped it in a plastic bag as the manual suggests. I had mixed all the ingredients before taking out the bowl.

I put everything in according to directions and after 15 minutes it was still slush; 20 minutes, slush; 30 minutes; slush. Finally after 60 minutes I gave up. I came back here and read over all the reviews again.

I saw several people suggest to mix the ingredients and freeze for 20 minutes before starting the ice cream maker. So last night I attempted this again. My bowl had already been in the freezer overnight. This time it was not wrapped in a plastic bag.

I wanted to try vanilla this time so I mixed together all of my ingredients. I placed them in the freezer for 20 minutes. Once the time was up, I pulled the bowl out and put the ice cream maker together and started it.

Then I pulled the ingredients out of the freezer and poured them in. 15 minutes later we had ICE CREAM! and the longer we ran it the thicker it got.

Today I attempted coffee ice cream and went through the same steps.

ICE CREAM AGAIN! So for those of you that are having issues with getting your ice cream to freeze, try mixing your ingredients and freezing them for 20 minutes BEFORE you take your bowl out and start the ice cream maker. It made a big difference for me.”

– Review from Amazon

#6 A Bestselling Book by Sheryl Sandberg

Definitely a must-read for female managers out there. Book have always made great presents for my managers, and they will be the same when shopping presents for your boss!

“This book CHANGED MY LIFE. I had been working in the same position at the same company for the last 12 years wondering why I wasn’t being promoted or approached by competitors. Along with gaining experience over the years and building my own self confidence,

I needed this book to push me to take the next steps. I know this sounds silly and self absorbed, but when I was reading it, it was like Sandberg was talking directly to me. She gave me insight into some of the things that were happening around me, and some tips on what I could do to change the course of my career.

Within a week of finishing it, I stood up to a male coworker who was minimizing and deflating everything I said in a meeting in front of my manager and colleagues.

Pre book I probably would have just let it go and been deferential even though I knew I was right. I didn’t back down on my position, but I remained calm and logical, and was still friendly.

He on the other hand became angry and raised his voice. I asked him why he was becoming so emotional about he topic, and that question disarmed him completely.

He said “you’re right, I’m sorry.” Later he came to my office and apologized again. I know he didn’t like it, and I don’t think his apology was sincere, but I know I at least gleaned some respect from him and my colleagues.

I later noticed in another meeting in which a female coworker and I were presenting, several male audience members kept interrupting us despite the fact that we were supposed to be teaching them the material.

I finally stepped in and said “gentlemen, thanks for your insights but we’re going to hold questions and comments until the end.” They shut up.

I have finally recently been selected to attend a conference across the country with a select few other employees. I attribute this selection to my newfound confidence in my abilities and contributions to the organization, and I attribute that confidence to this book!

I think every working woman should read this (especially working mothers), and possibly more importantly, every manager, male or female, should read this book.”

– Review from Amazon

#7 Holiday Gift Basket

These always made safe choices when buying presents for your boss – who doesn’t like a holiday gift basket?

“These are beautiful and taste great. I gave them as a gift and they were well received. I didn’t realize that they would basically be gourmet oreo cookies; that might have deterred me from ordering them. I don’t regret that I did purchase them because they were a hit with all the different flavored toppings to try.”

– Review from Amazon

This article was written in response to the popularity of our previous article – What to Get for Your (Guy) Boss this Christmas.

What to Get for Your (Female) Boss this Christmas - StartupStorey Entrepreneur Guide

The core essence of giving gifts or presents is to express positive emotional feelings to the other person through that gift which will come as a result of what the person feels when they open the gift you gave.

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  1. A nice card with a personal note expressing your appreciation + something small but thoughtful. Some homemade cookies (if you’re a good baker), a unique food item (specialty olive oil, or a couple of gourmet chocolate bars), or some small but useful gadget.

    She’s your boss, your main gesture of appreciation is doing a good job.

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