What really makes you happy at work?

What really makes you happy at work - StartupStorey.com

Are you happy at work? If you’re not, are you approaching work with the right mindset?

According to Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski, an organizational psychologist and professor of business at New York University, there are 3 approaches towards work you can take.

You can treat your work as a job, career or calling.

The workers with the “calling” approach are happier and more satisfied with their life and work.

Interestingly, Wrzesniewski’s research showed that job, career, calling orientation occurs in all kinds of jobs, even in the menial ones.

So it’s neither in the kind of job you do, nor in the rewards you get, but in the way you think about what you do where you will find joy.

Given that you spent half your life at the workplace, it’s important to feel happy at work, get along well with your colleagues and be great at your job for the sake of your mental health.


How do we define happiness?

According to the World Happiness Report 2017, people who are employed deem the quality of their lives much higher than those who are unemployed. The clear importance of employment for happiness emphasises the damage that unemployment can do.

We invest and reinvent how work can be fun – Zumba during work hours, monthly team activities, indian disco in the office and etc.

To engage team members in a high-stress environment and ensure happiness, we employ Aon Hewitt’s Say, Stay, and Strive behavioural model of engagement which has been proven to be a boost to creativity and retention.


Happiness depends on the following reasons:

#1 SAY

Happy employees say great things about the company to colleagues, clients and their social network. One of the tricks to creating happy employees is to ensure happiness at work.

Keep communication channels open and allow opportunities to speak, engage and contribute. It can be about ideas or work, anything. Who knows, one idea might just lead to the next.



A happy team that plays together stays together.

Every employee who comes through Brand Inc.’s door plays a part in shaping the company’s future. On the same note, every member is personally groomed to ensure the best performance.

A purposeful relationship is formed as both company and staff associate a shared future.

Besides the developmental transaction, a programme to create a cohesive environment is critical. We find every reason to celebrate or to play because real creativity and bonding happen outside work.



Goal-getting individuals are valuable assets to the company, but on top of that, we value great teamwork. It is the true essence of a successful business. Customers of highly engaged teams (not individuals) are more likely to recommend the business and have greater brand loyalty.


#4 Learning day by day

Whether it’s keeping up on current events, a new hobby or interest or simply any new idea, taking a small amount of time to learn something new every day is a great way to add to your personal knowledge base.


#5 Good coffee or amazingly tasty tea

A tasteful jasmine tea or an energizing coffee with plenty of milk can indeed be the reason you keep fighting at the office in a cloudy day (in a day in which all things seem to go wrong).


#6 Lunch breaks

The lunch break is also very important: your brain has a small amount of time in which it can catch a breath and you have the perfect chance to taste something which you enjoy.


#7 Nice music

Chill out music for quiet days, soft dubstep for lazy moments and Lana del Rey forever” says one of my favorite colleagues. And she seems right.


#8 Sweets shared with my colleagues (especially chocolate)

What can be better than that special moment in which one of your colleagues brings a box full of chocolate and he’s willing to share it with you? Or a big platter with home baked cookies with apples and cinnamon?


#9 Quiet times where you’re alone in the office

Know those moments in which you are the only one in the office (hopefully not after hours), and you are looking around and there is no one at all?


#10 Flexible schedule/ hours

Being able to leave the office whenever you have personal business to take care of is something that you must love about a job.


#11 Smart jokes and going out every Friday

Open-minded colleagues are always coming with funny smart jokes.

As you could see there quite a bunch of little things which can make you happy and productive in the same time1 in these eight hours you spend at work. We only highlighted 25 of them.


One framework states 4 things you should look for in a job to be happy at work:

  1. Control – flexibility in any way (work location or hours) or performance based pay
  2. Progress – look for a role that offers a clear route to promotions. A small progression more often will increase your happiness
  3. Connectedness – join a company where you think you can become friends with the team
  4. Vision / meaning – look to be a part of something bigger than yourself, a mission or purpose that the company is striving towards.

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One of the best things what I have seen in workplaces is that people who know nothing about a project or a job but, with a faint knowledge of the building blocks and hugely keen to solve any given problem or issue no matter what it takes, are the ones who actually enjoy their work.

There is no greater happiness in looking at people who are happy and makes it 100 fold knowing that you are a small reason for that. I’m ecstatic at those moments.

Comment below what makes you happy at work!

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